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  • It is the backbone of every organization, in charge of all staff matters and part of the management committee.
  • In charge of employment, promotion, discipline, training, maintenance of staff welfare in general.
  • In charge of sanitation, the security of the environment and properties of the Ministry’s office and inventories.
  • Responsible for taking care of vehicles, supervise specific Ministerial assignments.
  • In charge of purchase/supplies of office furniture, stationeries and working materials generally.
  • Member in all management meetings and secretary to all committees in the Ministry.
  • In charge of keeping records/documents of the Ministry through open/secret registry which includes store generator, plant/electrical appliances.
  • Advise in decision making and implementation of Government policy/programs based on professionalism in experiences and expertise on modus of Operandi.
  • Receiving/writing all correspondence letters, etc.

Adamu Alhaji Abubakar

Director of Administration and Supply

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