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Brief History

The ministry was created on the 28th August, 2005 and Immediately took up on the 28th September, 2005 in a single block office of the Permanent Secretary located at the down floor of the Governor’s office in Musa Usman Secretariat. From the there the Ministry moved to SUBEB for more offices and later moved to Circular Road. The ministry finally relocated to their permanent site in Musa Usman Secretariat.

Ministry of Religious Affairs as the name implies is non-revenue generating body of the government. But charged with the core responsibilities of rendering religious services/policies programmes of Government on all religious matters in Islam, Christianity and alike in order to have harmonious, peaceful and mutual coexistence among the citizens of the state.

Mission Statement

The Ministry of Religious Affairs was created to regulate, coordinate, observe, supervise and organize all Religious activities/programmes based on the teachings of different faiths for peaceful coexistence among citizens and advise the Government on all matters of Religious implementation of Government policies and programmes. Working hand in hand with all relevant bodies (Religious organization)


Peaceful coexistence and freedom of worship among all believers/citizens in the state and country at large based on the teachings of the two religions.

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